HuffPo – A Washington State chiropractor is accused of sexually violating three female patients. Greg Summers, founder of Summers Chiropractic and Massage in Federal Way, Wash. had his medical license suspended this week after being charged with sexual contact with three female patients and with changing the medical records of a patient, according to Summers allegedly told two of his patients that “intravaginal massage,” would benefit them because of the “invasion of their personal body space” that occurred when the chiropractor inserted his fingers in their genitals. The Federal Way Mirror reports that Summers told one of the women that the “massages” would prevent scar tissue from forming and would alleviate pain, according to a statement of charges.

Well you certainly can’t say chivalry is dead when there are guys like Gregg Summers out there. Sure fingering his clients isn’t part of the job description. But that’s OK, because Gregg Summers is gonna go that extra mile to make sure any woman who comes into his office leaves happy and satisfied. It’s just what he does. Not sure why there’s all this commotion about a good gesture. All he’s trying to do is be the best damn chiropractor he can. And when I think of what a great chiropractic session means for a woman, I think of fingers in the snatch. It’s common sense really. Girls like getting fingered, orgasms relieve muscle tension, therefore fingering chicks makes their backs feel better. Gregg Summers thought the very same thing and he set out to redefine the game one unsolicited intravaginal massage at a time. Because this guy lives his professional life by that little old saying: the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.