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Source – The most dangerous part of playing beer pong might not be drinking too much beer. A group of Clemson University students tested pingpong balls being used in beer pong games across campus one weekend last fall and discovered teeming bacteria. More research found that dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, e. Coli and staph on the balls end up in the beer when players make successful tosses into glasses. The research is part of Clemson’s Creative Inquiry program, in which students pose common-sense scientific questions, then plan research to find the answers.  For their work, Dawson’s students first needed pingpong balls to test. They fanned out over campus during homecoming weekend last fall in search of beer pong games. When they found them, researching students offered players new, clean balls in exchange for those in use. They recorded where the game was played and how long it had been in progress. The students found the most extra bacteria — 3 million of the tiny organisms — on balls being used in an outdoor beer pong game. A ball being used in a game played on carpet had 200 bacteria on it. Also in the lab, students put bacteria on pingpong balls and put them in a glass of beer. They found a high level of transfer of the bacteria from the ball to the beer, Dawson said.


Thank god for these Clemson kids. Truly doing god’s work. Using science and labs and test tubes and shit to determine that beer pong equipment has germs. Oh you mean those balls that get touched by hundreds of college students a night? Those round pieces of plastic that are rolled around in countless hands and bounce on disgusting frat house floors, sometimes rolling under the couch or into the bathroom? Those things are dirty you say? My mind has been officially blown by your findings, Clemson. What groundbreaking work you have done. Never would have guessed that those ping pong balls carry bacteria. Thanks bros, I’ll definitely think twice before playing again. I now see that it’s essentially Russian roulette.