IndianapolisIt might be hard to believe that almost two weeks after losing the Super Bowl, Colts fans would be packing Lucas Oil Stadium for a rally, but that’s exactly what’s set to happen tonight. It’s the grand finale of the thank-you tour the Colts started on Monday, traveling all over the state, from Evansville to Mishawaka to give back to their loyal fans who cheered them on to another chance to play in the Super Bowl. They might not have brought the Vince Lombardi trophy home. But they did win the Lamar Hunt AFC Championship trophy this season and they’re giving fans a chance to share that victory with them… “I’m surprised but I think it’s incredible. It’s a reflection of the spirit of the Colts… I came here just to celebrate-and I use the word celebrate-with the victory of the Colts,” said Emma Jackson Causey. “I don’t think a lot of fans are disappointed. I mean sure it would’ve been great if we would’ve won the whole nine yards but they did a great job. I think they did an awesome job,” said Billie Louk.

So the Colts are having a party to celebrate coming in second? There’s something about the spirit of that that gets me right in the pit of the stomach. I believe it’s because I’m cramping up from laughing so hard. Really, Colts? What are you calling this thing? The “Afraid of Perfection Tour”? The “We Chose to Wipe Our Asses With History Rally”? “Lay Down & Die ’09″? “A Tribute to Crucial 4th Quarter Pick-6′s”? I guess you have different standards of excellence in Indy than we do up here. Because the Patriots have 6 Lamar Hunt trophies, and to the best of my knowledge, they’re not on display anywhere. I’m pretty sure the 1985 is in Tony Eason’s mom’s house on a shelf next to his 4th Grade Perfect Attendance plaque. I believe the ’96 one ended up in Bill Parcells’ hands until he left it at the track. The 2001 Hunt was last seen in Charlie Weis’ office in South Bend, where he was using it to crack open nuts. The ’03 and ’04 trophies are in the Pats offices propping up the PowerPoint projector in the meeting room. And the ’07 is crayon dispenser in the Patriot Place Red Robin. Which is fine by us. In Boston, we don’t celebrate 2nd place. If you ain’t first, you’re last. Hell, even the Bruins took down all the Adams Division banners, which was almost all they had. None of us are even fans of the “16-0″ banner, but at least you can look at it and know when they lost in the end, they died trying. But anyway, good for the Colts and their fans. I can’t wait to see the AFC Champions DVD and highlights of the Defeat Parade.