CT – She kissed her summer goodbye. A Connecticut teen was hauled off by a gun-toting police officer for kissing a boy at a Berkshires sleep-away camp, according to a new lawsuit. The 15-year-old was labeled a “security threat” by Camp Emerson director Sue Lein — who called Hinsdale, Mass., police on July 11 to escort the young woman to her parents, who were waiting for her at the gate, according to court documents filed yesterday in Bridgeport, Conn. “I don’t understand why [Lein] acted this way,” said the minor, who is called “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit to protect her identity. Her boyfriend is called “Dick.” “She kicked me out of camp because of a simple kiss the day before my birthday,” the girl said. “It was just a kiss. She is a big bully — she made me feel horrible about myself and she ruined my summer.” The girl’s father, Manhattan attorney Jeff Miller, is suing the camp, which costs about $7,000 per month, for more than $675,000 in damages, including for defamation and emotional distress caused to his daughter. Jane Doe was expelled two weeks into her four-week stay without her belongings, which the camp allegedly refuses to return. The camp director called the little girl a “slut,” “loose,” and a “tramp,” and accused her of taking her bra off during the “innocent kiss,” according to the court papers.


Let me say this loud and clear. If we’re gonna start kicking kids out of camp for kissing, we might as well just eliminate camp altogether. Kissing at camp is like the most natural childhood instinct there is. It’s basically the point of camp in general. I remember those days for the one year I went to camp. Just invite the chick back to your cabin for some bug juice, set the mood with a little mosquito repellent, maybe put a little calamine lotion on her poison ivy to get her wet, and then you make out for hours in the bushes. That’s camp. You take away kissing and you take away the heart and soul of the whole thing. And it’s pretty obvious that this camp director who kicked her out and called her a slut was just mad because she never gets any action herself. I think because all camp directors are celibate lesbians.