CLEVELANDAn Ohio couple has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor endangering children charges after police say they were leaving the Cleveland Browns game Sunday without their 9-year-old foster son. According to police reports, Anna and Earnest Fugate of Circleville had come to the city’s muni-lot where they started arguing while “partying” before the Browns-Dolphins game. Their report says Anna then smashed her husband’s cell phone and then her own. Earnest then went on to the stadium, leaving their 9-year-old foster son with Anna, even though she was “obviously intoxicated,” “acting loopy, bumping into other people,” according to police. “Anna then gave the boy to two strangers, who were heading into the game with game-day tickets,” according to the report. The two strangers turned him over to a security guard at the stadium.

I think we can all agree that the worst thing the Fugates did here was try to raise their foster kid to be a Browns fan.  That’s the real abuse.  I mean I’ve heard of kids losing the sperm lottery, but that’s just rotten luck.  Imagine some poor kid wanting to get adopted by someone and they turn out to have tickets to the friggin Cleveland Browns?  He could’ve ended up with some rich guy as a dad the way Stallone’s kid gets to live with Robert Loggia in “Over the Top”, but nope.  He ends up with this Midwest white trash getting dragged to see the worst franchise in football.  A teams so bad they dumped Gatorade on Eric Ratgini after beating the Patriots in November.  Who’s greatest accomplishment since Jim Brown retired was to get Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden.  In a city that ran Belichick out of town for the crime of benching Bernie godamn Kosar.  That Cleveland Browns.  I’d say that 99% of 9 year old boys would love to be abandoned at an NFL stadium to grow up in the wild like Mowgli in Jungle Book.  But at the Browns’ stadium?  Those are the scars that won’t heal.  @JerryThornton1