New Mexico – A special education teacher at Gonzales Community School has been placed on administrative leave after police say she dragged a blind, 6-year-old, special-needs student down a school hallway. Santa Fe police said the teacher told investigators the boy had been uncooperative with her requests that he walk to another classroom. She grabbed the boy by the ankle and began dragging him down a long hall to the other room. The incident occurred Nov. 15, and police were notified a week later by school staff. Staff had made the boy’s parents aware shortly after the incident, according to Sgt. Andrea Dobyns, and the family didn’t report it to police. The teacher, Dobyns said, told investigators that she wasn’t trying to harm the boy by dragging him to another classroom. Dobyns said the act, no matter the intent, was negligent. “If you’re dragging a kid down a hallway, you are clearly neglecting their safety,” Dobyns said. Dobyns said the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office, and the teacher could face a child-abuse charge.


I honestly don’t see the problem here. First of all, the kid didn’t want to go to class. Well kid, tough shit, but that’s not your decision. Second, he’s blind, so if he tries to walk to class it’s gonna take forever and he’s gonna be even more late than he already is. Only option: drag his ass. We all know how waxed and smooth hallway floors in schools are. It’s called expediting the process. The teachers clearly want him to have as much time to learn as possible. Can’t have him bouncing off lockers for a half hour and missing the whole lesson. And finally, that looks fun as shit. If I could’ve had someone drag me around from class to class at school then that’s the option I would’ve chosen for sure. Pop my hands behind my head and let someone else do the walking for me. This really just shows how loony and PC our society is these days. Every politician in the country preaching how education is the most important thing for our youth but you can’t even drag a 6 year old blind kid down the hall by his ankles to get him that education. Fucking nonsensical.