CA – Two teenage girls desperate to get around a curfew on surfing the web decided to drug the unsuspecting parents of one of the girls with sleeping pills. Frustrated by her mom and dads insistence that the internet be shut off at 10 p.m. one 15-year-old girl and her 16-year-old friend hatched a crafty plan to offer to pick up milkshakes for her parents. Lacing the chocolate and vanilla flavoured drinks with the sedatives, the Rocklin, California teenagers successfully caused the the adults to pass out, but were turned over to the police when the stunned parents realised what had occurred.  Charged with conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food, the two girls face time in a juvenile hall and police said that they were lucky to avoid jail time for their December 28th deception. Recognising that their drinks tasted funny and grainy, the unidentified parents did not even finish their drugges milkshakes, but nonetheless fell asleep very soon after consuming them.


This story hits close to home. I used to have a TV curfew when I was younger and all I wanted to do on Thursday nights was watch WWF Smackdown. My parents would always try to send me to bed before it was over and make me miss the best part. So I’d throw tantrums and plead with them but they would stick to their guns and send me to my room. Eventually the time came where I had no other option. I had to kill them. Well not really but I definitely stomped my feet and threw fits, especially if there was a title match that night. I know how these chicks feel.

But how about the nerve of these parents turning their own kid into the police? Thanks guys. Just trying to help you get some shut eye and a trip to juvie is how you repay them? Rough. Although I suppose both parties deserve some blame. Like are these parents nocturnal or something? Are they up all night guarding the internet and fighting off anyone trying to use its powers? Seriously kids just wait until they fall asleep naturally then go talk to your online BFs. Just out of touch parents and out of touch kids right here. $100 says this family is vegan.