Youtube - Top KHL squad Avangard managed to finish their home game against league underdogs Vityaz, 3-2, despite a mass brawl. The incident occurred almost immediately after face-off. The Vityaz players went on the offensive after only six seconds of play. Avangard’s management says the brawl was a pre-planned act against their team. They have demanded that Vityaz be excluded from the KHL, and also want a lifetime disqualification for the club’s management. In January 2010, a similar brawl occurred during the clubs’ meeting in the Moscow region. Back then, the game was suspended, while Vityaz were considered to have struck the first blow, but avoided serious sanction from the KHL.

These Vityaz players are some dirty SOB’s.   I mean what happened to all that honor and code bullshit that hockey players always talk about?   Does that not count int he Soviet Union?   Because this shit would make the Hanson Brothers blush.   Just one cheap shot after another.     Hey if you’re going to fight at least fight fair.    None of this attacking them from behind crap.    On the flip side though nothing makes me happier than watching the U.S.S.R  play dirty.   Reminds me of the Cold War.   I was kind of hoping Drago would come out of nowhere and just cold cock somebody.