PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP)Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling might have to sell or give up the famed blood-stained sock he wore on the team’s way to the 2004 World Series championship to cover millions of dollars in loans he guaranteed to his failed video game company. Schilling… listed the sock as collateral to Bank Rhode Island in a September filing with the Massachusetts secretary of state’s office. The sock is on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame… Schilling told WEEI-AM in Boston  that possibly having to sell the sock is part of “having to pay for your mistakes.” He said that “I put myself out there” in personally guaranteeing loans to 38 Studios and is seeking what he called an amicable solution with the bank.

If this deal goes through and Schilling has to sell off the Bloody Sock, it’ll be the end of him, won’t it?  I mean, there’s no coming back from this.  The man might have three World Series rings and a c0-Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and all, but that sock defines him.  It’s a part of him.  No, strike that.  It IS him, the way Gollum and the Precious are one-in-the-same.  It’s the damnedest thing about Schilling is that he’s one of the most polarizing people I’ve ever seen in my life.  For a guy who doesn’t beat his wife or kill dogs or make a bunch of babies he doesn’t take care of, he’s got an awful lot of people who can’t stand him.  Personally I’ve gone back & forth on him.  I never minded his smartest-person-in-the-room act because I always took him as someone thoughtful and articulate who at least always told you what he thinks.  My beef with him started when he flushed millions of taxpayers dollars down the toilet then deceived his staff people left and right about how bad things were.  Those are both things I tend to frown upon.  But now?  After hearing this?  I’m back in his corner.  Selling that sock for him would be like my father-in-law having to sell his Purple Heart.  It just doesn’t get any sadder than this.  Going broke is one thing. Having to give up the Bloody Sock would be a fate worse than death for Curt Schilling and he has my sympathy.

PS.  Whatever the sock goes for would be Turtle Safari money to John Henry.  If that little weirdo doesn’t buy the thing and give it back to Schilling as a gift then I’ll lose what little respect I have left for him.