Consumerist – A woman has cut her lip on a razor that was at the bottom of her cup of Walmart brand Peanut Butter Stars. When she called to complain, the customer service rep told her, “I’m sorry, I hope your day gets better.” “I got to the bottom, and there’s normally a chocolate layer here. I went to get a spoonful of it and I bit into it, and something sharp cut the inside of my lip,” Stephanie told KLTV.

And this is exactly why I refuse to buy food at places like Walmart.  Like I can’t give people a more disgusted look than I see them buying groceries at Target and stuff.  Give me Whole Foods and Milton Fruit Center all day long. If that makes me a snob than so be it. And the worst part is I feel like the First Lady is always trying to sneak shit like this past me. Buying shit at discount stores.  Seriously if I find out about it I just throw it the fuck away.  I don’t give a shit about the starving kids in Ethiopia.  This is America.  I’d rather go hungry than eat produce from Walmart.  Because even though I know it makes no sense I honestly believe that the only food that makes it into discount stores is the food that wasn’t good enough for real supermarkets.  I just won’t slum with groceries. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. End of story.

PS – Yes this chick kind of looks like Amy Adams.  Yes she’s hot.  Yes I want to fuck her.  Can’t we just be mature for one blog and not turn it into sex?