NJ.comDarrelle Revis was mum on his contract situation today, but what he did want to talk about was perceived disrespect from Patriots coach Bill Belichick. During the offseason, he called the coach a “jerk” during a televised word association game. He stood by his words when asked to clarify. “I feel like people let him slide when he says his smart remarks and certain things and he says comments about us like he never coached here, which he did, and that’s how I felt… Sometimes things are disrespectful when you say certain comments about the Jets, some stuff is disrespectful, it’s okay to have a rivalry, it’s okay to compete but when it gets personal, that’s when it gets disrespectful. I didn’t start this battle, you know, the smart remarks he says it’s ignorant, it’s ignorant to this organization.”

When asked what specifically Belichick said, Revis pointed to post-game remarks made by the coach last season on the field. “The one talking about the best defense, they can suck my … all that stuff, that’s ignorant, why go there?” Revis said. “You won, fair and square, hey we shook your hand after the game. But when you start saying stuff like that it gets too personal. You don’t have to say that, did anyone else say anything like that? No. Not from our side. Bart said his can’t wait thing, but he didn’t disrespect, he said they felt like they were better than us, he didn’t say go suck … do this or do that. It’s personal, it’s disrespectful.” Revis was reminded about Antonio Cromartie calling Tom Brady an ‘asshole’ two years ago and how that could be considered disrespectful, too. Revis, though, stood by Cromartie. “And sometimes he is on the field,” Revis said. that’s him saying his personal opinion about him, if that’s how he acts on the field that’s how he acts. he wants to throw a touchdown and point at our sideline, that’s disrespect, man, that’s not sportsmanship. Now, do people say words on the field to each other? Oh yeah, but when it gets out of hand, come on man. Sportsmanship, sportsmanship.”

Quiz: What do the following jobs have in common: Mailman, Border Patrol Agent, TSA Screener, Counter-terrorism Spy, Sarcastic Jets Ridiculing Pro-Patriots Blogger. Answer: The work never stops.  We’re all Newman on Seinfeld.  It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There’s never a letup, It’s relentless. Every day it piles up more and more, but the more you get out, the more it keeps coming. And for Patriots bloggers, today is Publisher’s Clearing House Day.  And believe me, the last thing I want to do in the slow season of the NFL calendar is pay attention to some collection of irrelevant, 8-8 slapdicks.  But what choice do they give me?  They just keeping coming and coming and coming.

I mean, where does an overworked Jets hater begin sifting through this rambling, Tourette’s-like nonsense?  Revis’ own Special Teams coach trips another teams gunner but Belichick is the “jerk”? The ink wasn’t even dry on Rex Ryan’s contract before he started popping off about kissing Belichick’s rings, but Belichick makes “smart remarks”? Bart Scott practically tore the microphone out of Sal Palantonio’s hands to make that “Can’t Wait” rant… then tried to copyright it… but Belichick’s private moment with his own son gets picked up by field mics and he’s being “disrespectful”? A team of guys does that asinine Jet thing with their arms, Braylon Edwards Dougies in Darius Butler’s grill mix and Antionio Cromartie…  which is to say Antonio “Father of Our Country” Cromartie…  calls Tom Brady an asshole?  And most of all, a guy on the team that guarantees championships and says wins in September are just like winning the Super Bowl (like they’d know) is lecturing somebody else about “sportsmanship, sportsmanship”?  Is this Bizarro World?  No.  It’s Revis Island.  Where everything is opposite and the only inhabitant is the one who’s ignorant.