Listen I hate making excuses.   I really do.    When somebody beats me fair and square I’m usually the first one to tip my hat and congratulate them.    But are you kidding me with the travesty that happened tonight?   I’m not exaggerating when I say that was the most rigged sporting event I’ve ever watched in my life.  Yes worse than the Hulk Hogan 2 Dave Hebner debacle.    I mean we might as well not even show up if this is what Stern is going to do.   They should just cancel the playoffs and give the Heat the trophy.   Because it’s hard enough to beat a good team without the refs cheating for them.  That makes it damn near impossible.  Seriously even the biggest Boston hater has to admit tonight was despicable.    Seriously how can you get called for 4 technicals in a game that wasn’t even that contentious?   Easy.  When they are made up that how.     Yeah I know the game wasn’t close down the stretch, but how could it be?   Everytime we had momentum or were making a run we were called for a technical or mythical foul.    I’m not saying we definitely would have won this game, but we’ll never know because of the officials.   I know the NBA wants Lebron in the Finals for ratings, but let’s make him earn it.  Let’s not make it a handicap match.  Let’s make it a fair fight and the better team wins.   That’s all I ask for.