First of all hats off to Rajon Rondo.   One of the best games you’ll ever see by anybody ever.    Pretty much a one man wrecking crew out there.   Just unbelievable to watch.    Meanwhile Bron Bron was Bron Bron just puking all over himself down the stretch per usual.    Such a fucking coward.   Couldn’t hit a game winner if his life depended on it.   Needed Battier and Haslem to bail his ass out yet again.

It’s just a shame that once again the refs cost the Celtics the game.  Cue all the idiots who know nothing about life. “Oh Pres stop complaining…you say this every game blah, blah, blah” Well sorry maybe if the refs blew the whistle when Rondo got decapitated with 1 minute left in a tie game I wouldn’t be complaining right now.  Seriously just a hideous missed call on the Rondo layup in OT.   YOU CAN’T MISS THAT CALL!  YOU CAN’T MISS THAT CALL!  I don’t know whether the fix was in or what, but that is completely unacceptable. Bron Bron went to the free throw line 30 fucking times.   More than our whole fucking team.  Dwade was karate kicking people driving to the lane.   So if the best player on the court by a mile gets his head knocked off on a layup you have to blow the whistle.    I mean that is almost exactly the same play that earned Tyler Hansbrough a flagrant in the Indiana series.  Just blatantly raking somebody’s eyes out.  Only difference is Hansbrough had all ball and Wade had all face.  So instead of  a 2 point lead with 1:30 left and time to set our defense it was transition dunk for Miami.   It was 100% the difference in the game.   No other way to explain it.  Even Miami fans have to know they cheated.  Flat out disgusting and sickening a game like that got decided by a non call like that.

Bottomline is this.  I’m proud of this Celtics team.  They laid it all out on the line.  They deserved a better fate.   I don’t think this series is over by a long shot.  Rondo is still the best player on the court.  Lebron is still a coward.   I’m proud of how they played tonight.  It’s just a shame that there was such a brutal missed call that directly determined the outcome.   And somehow KG needs to have more energy left in the 4th.   He honestly looked like he was ready to pass out from exhaustion with 5 minutes to go.

PS – Got to tip your cap to Ray Allen too.    With all the talk about how hurt he is and how bad he is playing he had a solid game.

Double PS – Somebody is going to have to tell me how Pierce can foul out and Lebron has no fouls when they are guarding each other and both drive to the lane the same amount.  That makes no sense to me.  As Doc Rivers said after the game…

“LeBron took 24 FTs and our team took 29. We’ve just gotta keep playing”