I got to be honest.  This feeling is almost worse than when we lost vs. the Giants the first time. Because at least the first time I could accept the fact that we got whipped in the trenches. But tonight our offensive line dominated them. Their pass rush was a non factor. Brady had all day to throw the entire game. Our defense played as good as you could ever hope for them to play. In my heart of hearts I know we were the better team. But it just seemed like every bounce/break/dumb play went against us. The Giants put the ball on the ground 3 times and didn’t lose one of them. (One of them being because we had 12 guys obviously) Meanwhile they get a once in a lifetime interception on that ball Brady threw to the clearly injured Gronk. They get a Manningham catch that was so close to being out of bounds that it forced Belichick to use a challenge which radically altered the ending of the game. You had Brady basically gift wrapping 9 free points in the first quarter. Yes I said 9. That totally unforced intentional grounding led directly to their next TD. It might as well have counted as points off turnover. And then obviously the Wes Welker drop in the 4th. Even the play after that when Brady had half an hour to throw and couldn’t get a first down. Or the play on the last drive to Deion Branch when he had at least a 50 yard gain on his hands. Just one missed opportunity after.

Sure everybody is going to point at the Welker play as the big one, but that still doesn’t explain how you only score 17 points with how well the o-line played. It literally makes no sense to me. Gronk being injured is the only thing I can come up with. All I know is this one was right there for the taking. Our offense which is supposedly the strength of our team had chance after chance to put this game away and couldn’t do it. Now Coughlin and Eli are 2-0 vs. Brady and Belichick.  Both legacies but especially Brady’s has taken a hit while Eli and his dumb ass Elite thing has come to fruition.  It’s unfathomable. I almost wish KO Barstool took me out when they had the chance.

PS – I’d be stunned if Jerry, Superfat, and Big Daddy Smooth aren’t all dead right now.