So Deadspin just broke my story of why I finally took the pictures down. Yes Deadspin scooped me on my own story. Like they said the State Cops paid me a visit Friday night. I hadn’t blogged about it yet because I didn’t want to turn this into a moral issue about whether the Cops had any right doing this and suppressing free speech and the first amendment and shit. That’s not my fight. At least not right now. And nobody was asking me where the pics went so I was just gonna let it die.   Plus I didn’t want to look like a pussy.  But Deadspin asked the question and when somebody asks me a question I give an honest answer. Anyway I had no problem with the visit. They were friendly, non threatening and basically just said they were getting lots of complaints from the lunatic fringe (my words not theirs on lunatic fringe)and it would be in the best interest of everybody involved if I’d just take them down. I obviously still stand by the fact I had every right to do everything I did, but I’m not looking to make cops jobs more difficult than it already is so I complied. Granted it seems ridiculous to me that they had to waste time paying me a visit over this, but they did. And yes a part of me still feels like I sold out but what are you gonna do? I guess I could have dug my heels and seen what would have happened next, but it didn’t seem like the right move.  I went with my gut and my gut said just make it easy on everybody at this point. So that’s the story.  I guess I’m no fucking Ghandi. That bro was a beast.

PS – Just to clarify because I know the comment section is filled with morons I 100% stand by everything I did every step of the way with the possible exception of taking the pictures down.    I would 100% do it all over again.   The thing that upsets me is this whole incident is reflective of how fucked up this country can be.  Basically the lunatic fringe makes so much fucking noise the cops show up at my house asking for me to help make the situation go away.  It’s not right really.   Not the cops fault.  It’s just that’s how a lot of shit works in this country.  Yell and scream the loudest and get your way.  It’s bullshtit.  That’s why I’m kind of mad at myself.   But when Staties show up at your door  it’s hard to say no.