Some of the best Halloween costumes from Facebook in 2010. It’s really hard to find fake moobs by the way. (coedmagazine)

I just tried to watch The Walking Dead on Demand and it’s not there. Apparently everyone else in America watched it last night. (screenjunkies)

Ndamukingkong Suh can ball it up on the hardwood too. Guy is a fucking truck with a white t-shirt and a fade. (guyism)

New studies suggest alcohol is more dangerous than any illegal drug. Old studies still show that new studies can suck my balls. (asylum)

The illusive male tramp stamp really makes you look like an obvious bag of shit huh? (thechive)

Check out Barstool NYC’s poor ass Halloween party. PSYCHE. Looked good, but seriously; no one dressed up as Chucke Cheese? (barstoolnyc)

The new Call of Duty trailer with the Rolling Stones behind it is a raw power move. Derka derka! (heavy)