I know everybody wants to pretend like yesterday didn’t happen.   Like it was just some sort of awful dream.   I’m no different.  I’m still stunned to shit that we lost.  I’m still in total disarray.   I haven’t heard from Jerry yet and am legitimately concerned he’s dead.     I keep seeing KFC’s dumb ass blogs pop up on the sidebar and want to puke.   It’s just an absolute nightmare that I can’t wake up from.    But I do have to ask the one burning question that is still on my mind.   Do people think we got beat yesterday or that we choked?

For me the answer is simple.   We choked.  The Jets were exactly who I thought they were.   No better.  No worse.  I didn’t expect another 45-3 victory.   I thought we’d grind out 7-10 point win.   I feel like if we played them 100 times we’d win 90 of them.  I still feel that way.   And before people say I’m a sore loser go back and read what I said after the Giants beat us in the Superbowl.  I said we got beat by the better team, but I didnt’ feel that way at all yesterday.   The Patriots just made one uncharacteristic unforced mistake after another.    It should have been 14-0 after the first quarter.    The Brady INT on a screen pass was a joke.   Crumpler dropping a TD was a joke.   We moved the ball at will for the first 15 minutes and had nothing to show for it and it had nothing to do with the Jets.    It was all our own mistakes.   The fake punt was a layup if Chung doesn’t drop the ball.    Again nothing to do with the Jets and it turned into 7 for them.    The end result was that we got caught in the exact type of game that they wanted.  Slow, mistake filled, etc.   That’s not how you win playoff games.  That’s not how the Pats went 14-2.    We win games by playing fundamental football and letting the other teams implode.  Yesterday we imploded.  We never put the pressure on the Jets offense which is when they are at their worst because we blew so many opportunities.  And then we played like a dickhead in the 4th quarter with that “30 minute drive to nowhere”    Just frustrating as hell.    Again I hate losing, but it’s about a billion times worse when you feel like you just flat out choked and that’s exactly how I feel right now.

Vote 1 for we got beat and 10 for we choked.

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