Lot of weird stuff going on in this story.

1. That’s a medical marijuana farm? I always pictured them as these big Pfizer type operations that sold all their shit out of like government buildings. Is selling medical marijuana like declaring bankruptcy? All you have to do is yell it say it and it’s true? I mean this old broad is simply growing weed and selling it out of her house. Disabled grandma or not, that’s just called being a drug dealer. Which brings me to my next point…

2. I’ve seen old disabled grandmother’s before. That ain’t one. Bitch looked like she was maybe 50 and in perfect health. I’ve jerked off to MILF porn starring older and more disabled chicks than her.

3. Who the fuck was the camera man, Rex Ryan?

We get it dude. She didn’t want to show her face. Just do the ransom video thing where you put her in a dark room or something. Don’t need every angle of her Payless Shoes kicks. (PS – those legs further my point about the disabled grandma thing. Those are legs I’d consider myself lucky to strap myself onto.)

4. Finally, way to class up the joint, Nick Janes.

No jacket, shirt’s too big, top button undone, tie knot pulled down to your belly button. Jesus Christ man have some respect. This is fucking CBS13 Sacramento not high school AV class.