I know there are plenty of regional things. I have friends that look at me like I’m insane when I call the remote control a “clicker” or a water fountain a “bubbler.” I get that. But the other night after Rutgers blackout Pres took us all out to IHOP for our Blackout Wrap Party and called me a 6 year old because I got a chocolate milk. I said I didn’t have a choice, not like they had coffee milk. And he truly had no idea what I was talking about. Had never even heard of it. Told me it must be decaf with a lot of milk. I just walked up to his office with a bottle of Autocrat and he tried to drink the coffee syrup. Like I said, I get stuff is regional. But never having heard of coffee milk is just bizarre. It would be like me not knowing what a junior beef with river sauce is. Go get yourselves some Autocrat. It’s not the official drink of Rhode Island for nothing.