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Brobible ripped off your Romney story. Came up like a half hour after you blogged it with a basically identical story.

Sue them and split the money with me.

Viva la Stool



I just had to post this because it’s so comical.   For lack of better words Brobible is a site that is basically just a giant rip off on what we do.   They’ve copied almost everything we’ve ever done at one time or another.   But this one was just so blatant I had to post it….

This is my blog from 5:47 yesterday.  This picture was on no other blog on the planet that I’m aware of.

The Real Reason Mitt Romney Demolished Obama Last Night


So everybody and their grandmother is looking for excuses on why or how Mitt Romney whitewashed Obama last night.    Why Obama was half asleep while he was getting beaten over the head with a sledgehammer by Romney.   Al Gore said it was the altitude in Denver.  (He really said that)   Mo said it’s because Obama forgot how to talk.   But clearly I have the real answer.  It had nothing to do with Obama.   Mitt Romney channeled his inner Coach Taylor.   Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose.     Game, set, match…Romney.


Precisely 32 minutes Later Brobible posted this;




I know it shouldn’t bother me.  I know I shouldn’t acknowledge them.  But if somebody made a business out of constantly taking every idea, every thought, every blog you ever had and passing it of as their own because they aren’t good enough to come up with anything original themselves it would probably piss you off too.   End of rant.