Wicked Local – A Brookline man was one of three men who were arrested on a Framingham street Saturday with more than 20,000 hits of LSD, Ecstasy and nitrous oxide in a case with apparent ties to a California drug dealer, a prosecutor said Monday. Police arrested Jared Joseph Roberge, 23, of Brookline; Daniel Karabchievsky, 21, of Newton; and Anthony Spinella, 24, of Waxhaw, N.C., on Saturday, Nov. 3, at 6:50 a.m., after an investigation, prosecutor Maggie Pastuszak said in Framingham District Court.

A detective was watching Roberge and Spinella on Franklin Street and saw them twice duck behind cars when police cruisers drove by, the prosecutor said. The pair got into a car and drove off, and the detective pulled them over on Pearl Street. ”[The detective] observed a blue nitrous oxide canister near Spinella’s legs, as well as several balloons,” Pastuszak said. The officer noticed that Spinella appeared to be trying to hide something in his jacket: a plastic bag containing a crystal-like material, later identified as Ecstasy, Pastuszak said. Also in the car was a bottle of Everclear grain alcohol. The alcohol was supposed to be clear, but it appeared brown, she said, which made police suspicious. It was determined to be liquid LSD, the prosecutor said. ”There was 20 ounces of liquid,” said Pastuszak. “There were 20,000 single doses of LSD.”

Typical Brookline and Newton kids right here just rolling around doing whip-its with 20,000 hits of LSD in their car. Some things never change. I’m from Natick and when I was in high school those full-Jew dorks were pulling the same stunts. Always had to over compensate with the amount of drugs they did/dealt because they’d get emasculated on the football field every weekend. Wearing Birkenstocks and holding up the line at Anna’s cause they’re too stoned and can’t understand what the burrito man is saying. Just constantly whipping out gigantic bags of drugs at parties like I’m supposed to be impressed. Please. Real men know that it’s not the size of the stash that matters, it’s how you use it.  And obviously you’re not using it right if you’re driving around cracking nitrous cartridges and ducking behind cars when the cops roll by. Pretty much the definition of amateur hour.

Now that being said, if you grew up in the Metrowest area and didn’t get arrested in Framingham at least once than you’re a nobody.