PA – A Pennsylvania couple were arrested Wednesday in Indiana after a trooper found five of their seven children riding in the back of a Budget moving truck along with the family’s 18 cats en route to California more than 2,000 away.  Sgt. John Bowling said 41-year-old David Detjen and 40-year-old Rebecca Detjen, of Fairmount City, Pennsylvania, were traveling to San Bernardino where the unemployed husband had a job prospect. The couple was jailed on preliminary child neglect charges after their arrest at an eastern Indiana truck stop. Bowling said Detjen told officers he knew putting his kids and pets in the unheated back of the truck ‘was kind of a stupid idea, but it was sort of a last resort.’

Well what the fuck officer? How else are they going to get their 5 kids and 18 cats to California? You wanna foot the bill for those plane tickets? Didn’t think so. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t see what the problem is here. I mean besides owning 18 cats which is obviously psychotic, but as far as transporting them and the kids, who cares if they ride in the back of the truck?

Remember those station wagons that had the backwards facing seats in the trunk? Those were sweet. As a kid you could look straight at the person in the car behind/in front of you and make faces at them and shit. It was great. But those things are like 1000x more dangerous than riding in the bed of a moving truck and last time I checked nobody got arrested for putting their kids back there. In those station wagons a minor fender bender could result in missing limbs and a face covered in glass shards. Nowhere near the protection of a steel moving truck.

They really need to straighten out transportation laws. Nobody cares when some hippy asshole drives his newborn around in one of those deathtrap Mini Coopers. But you throw a few kids and cats into the back of a sturdy Budget moving truck and next thing you know you’re behind bars. Makes literally zero sense.