Cleveland – A gang of sadistic thugs in Cleveland, Ohio terrorized local people by approaching unfortunate victims claiming to be a local TV news crew and then zapping them with a taser while filming the incidents crime with a video camera. Police have so far arrested two men for felonious assault, while a third person, a juvenile, has been taken to a social services center. While in police custody, Solomon Herbert, 19, has admitted that he filmed the incidents while Derek Rowell, 25, shocked people with the stun gun. According to police records, Herbert claimed they were doing it ‘just for fun,’ reports WKYC. Officers were called to the 8800 block of Detroit Ave. at 2pm on Saturday after a victim reported being approached by six men with a digital camera who claiming to be with a local television station and wanted to interview him.  The 34-year-old man says he kept walking and was then attacked by the ‘news crew’ who then zapped him on the neck with a stun gun. The crime was captured on a local surveillance camera.


Normally I wouldn’t defend something as fucked up as going around tasering unsuspecting strangers and filming it for fun. That’s kinda not cool. But the thing you gotta remember here is that this happened in Cleveland. Not exactly a real fun place to find yourself living. Lots of depression going on in Cleveland from what I’ve heard. They don’t really have too much going for ‘em ya know? So when a group of young kids decides to electrocute random people on the street and video tape it to get a laugh, I have to assume it’s out of necessity. The only explanation is that they resorted to this kind of behavior because there’s literally nothing fun, exciting, or worth living for in that city. People over there gotta get creative. And if pretending to be a news crew and assaulting strangers is the only way to ward of depression and suicide then I say go for it. Zap away bros. Because even people in Cleveland should get to know what it’s like to smile once in a while.