OXFORD Miami University has suspended a sorority for one year after members were described as drinking heavily, behaving crudely and destroying property during the sorority’s spring formal at Lake Lyndsay Lodge in Butler County. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women announced on its website that Miami suspended its Ohio Zeta chapter shortly after an administrative hearing was held April 30. Pi Beta Phi said it also placed its Miami chapter on probation.

In a letter to Miami’s dean of students as testimony for a university disciplinary hearing, lodge owner Lyndsay Rapier-Phipps described a wild scene of drunken debauchery and destruction during the April 9 event. The letter was posted online.

“When the students arrived around 8 p.m. most were heavily intoxicated and some could barely manage to walk inside the facility,” her letter states. Students took drinks onto the dance floor, broke a toilet in the women’s restroom and continued to use it, urinated in sinks, toppled a table of food onto the carpet and vomited several times. The group was permitted to use table decorations for free, but they hurled crystal vases off a porch to watch them shatter below on a concrete patio. A large concrete lion also was knocked over and broken. At one point, several men jumped the counter to get their own drinks after the caterer stopped serving alcohol. People defecated outside. Two couples were caught having sex. Thirty-seven 30-packs of beer were left behind at the building and found by lodge staff members, who had to scramble to remove them all before a wedding that was not serving alcohol was held there the next day. “We are appalled at the students’ behavior,” Rapier-Phipps wrote. “My husband and I are graduates of Miami University, and we both agree that college students can drink and have a good time, but last Friday was not just a bunch of college students drinking and having a good time. It was a bunch of college students getting totally obliterated and behaving like immature children.” The owner says no other sorority or fraternity from Miami University is welcome at Lake Lyndsay again.

Wait a minute. Students took drinks onto the dance floor! They continued to pee in a broken toilet! A couple chicks threw up! Two couples were caught having sex! Oh, the horror of it all! Seriously I always get a kick out of shit like this.   People acting shocked and outraged about college kids acting like college kids. Like what the fuck did the Lake Lyndsay Lodge expect to happen? You host a fucking Sorority Spring Formal and obviously shit is going to get fucked up. Complaining about it after the fact is bush league. You don’t want them there?  Then don’t sign on the dotted line, but let’s not pretend like you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. And as far as that 500 dollar deposit goes. I think the 37 30 packs left behind should cover that and more.