SPRINGFIELDTwo American International College students are charged with armed robbery after allegedly stealing a pack of Welch’s Fruit Snacks at gunpoint from another student at the college. According to Sgt. John M. Delaney, aide to Police Commissioner William J. Fitchet, the victim was lying in his room when two unknown men entered and demanded candy. When the victim suggested he would charge them for the candy, one suspect allegedly lifted his shirt to reveal a gun and insisted that the victim hand over the candy for free. The victim surrendered the fruit snacks and the gunmen left without further incident. Both men are charged with armed robbery. They were arraigned in Springfield District Court Tuesday, where they pleaded innocent and were released on $5,000 personal surety. They are due back in court on March 16. Here’s the thing.

Listen I ain’t mad at these guys for busting into some kid’s room and stealing his fruit snacks. At least not the Welch’s kind. Those are top of the line.  Made with real fruit and shit.   But once the victim says he’s got to charge you for them, you just toss a couple quarters on the ground and count it as a victory. Like you won. You got what you wanted without having to go to the supermarket or CVS. Isn’t that the whole point? I mean it’s not about money when stealing fruit snacks. It’s about convenience. These guys were probably playing NHL 94 in the dorm room next door an didn’t feel like going out.   Oh well.   Chalk it up to a learning experience.  I guess that’s what college is all about anyway.   From now on don’t brandish your firearm when stealing fruit snacks.  Lesson learned.

PS – So AIC is a real school huh?   Interesting.