So Saturday Night I was at my parents house in Swampscott and got a late invite to the Celtics game. Late enough that I had to go straight from Swampscott to the game. Fine no problem except that I smelled. So I borrowed some of my dad’s deodorant. Old Spice. Well shit basically ruined my night. I mean Jesus Christ this stuff is strong. Like I literally couldn’t even think straight because I kept getting suffocated by my own body odor. First Lady wouldn’t even have sex with me because it was making her nauseous. I couldn’t get mad either because I agreed with her. It’s just so fucking strong. It got me thinking. Does anybody actually use this stuff? Like I know Old Spice does all these commercials geared towards a young demo, but I can’t imagine anybody under the age of 60 using it. I’m legit curious how they are in business? Does anybody really use Old Spice? And if so are you insane?