WaterfordThe man charged by town police Thursday with pretending to be a student at Waterford High School said today that the ruse was meant to expose flaws in the school system’s security measures as part of book project. School officials said Schildt concocted an elaborate scheme to perpetuate the ruse, meeting with them as far back as last June to set up the alleged scam. “I had complete access to the school,” he said. “This isn’t forgery, it’s a lesson.” According to Principal Donald Macrino, Schildt “developed a rather elaborate scheme including forged school records, birth certificate, guardianship papers, etc. Schildt had met with Macrino and district Superintendent Randall Collins in June to tell them he would be bringing a nephew into the school in the fall from Florida, Collins said. Macrino said Schildt told them that his nephew “Matt” had been sexually abused by Schildt’s twin brother, and then the brother killed himself. Schildt told them “Matt” suffered from an ailment that made him sensitive to light and so had to wear sunglasses, and that he had also been treated for throat cancer and therefore could not speak much, Macrino said. Toward the end of the first day of school Thursday, Macrino said three teachers told him they were suspicious that “Matt” was a legitimate student. Macrino said he called the police, and then tried to get “Matt” on the phone. He said Schildt said “Matt” could not come to the phone. Waterford police went to Schildt’s home and he was subsequently arrested. “It was “to the credit of the teachers in the high school that within hours of the opening of school they were raising questions to Don (Macrino),” Collins said. “Within six and a half hours we had called police and by the end of the day he was arrested.”

Have you ever seen somebody brag as much for doing as little as this guy? “I had complete access to the school? This isn’t forgery, it’s a lesson?” Dude what the fuck are you talking about? You spent like a year concocting this elaborate plan and you got busted on day one. You didn’t trick anybody. That’s nothing to brag about. I mean anybody can walk into a school for a day and do whatever they want and that’s without planning for it for 10 months.   Seriously if you want me to pay attention to this story get a report card, bang a high school bitch or play sports or something. But until then shut the fuck up and stop acting like you just pulled off Oceans 11.