(Source)Emily Goode, a 28-year-old Brierley Hill, England woman was sentenced to jail after she repeatedly stabbed a man in the back while performing oral sex on him. According to Wolverhampton Crown Court prosecutors, Goode invited a student, identified as Josh Nock, to her apartment after the pair met at a local pub last October. Investigators say Goode asked Nock to sit next to her on the couch and it wasn’t long before the pair undressed and began a sexual encounter together. That encounter, however, took a strange twist when Goode reportedly picked up a knife and began running the blade up and down the student’s chest. After Goode scratched the victim with the knife, the victim called Goode a psycho and got up to leave the residence. Goode, however, put the knife down and begged Nock to stay, explaining that she didn’t intend to hurt him and that she was just really turned on. Nock, according to prosecutors, accepted Goode’s explanation and continued with the encounter. After Goode began performing oral sex on the victim, she told him to turn around and face the wall.  After the victim turned around, Goode picked up the knife and repeatedly stabbed him in the back. The victim ran to the front door to flee the residence, but discovered it had been locked. He eventually escaped the residence by climbing through a back window and then scurrying across a shed.


I don’t think any story in the history of earth has better summed up the dynamic between men and women than this.  Women are flat crazy and men just want to get their dick sucked.   That’s all there is too it.   Like this guy knew there was a 97% chance he was going to end up stabbed when she broke out the butcher knife the first time.  He even got up to leave.   Girl says I’m just kidding.  Let me suck your cock a little bit more.   Dude says okay.   Chick tells him to turn around and face the wall.   Keep in mind he just tried to leave 2 seconds ago because his intuition told him he was about to get stabbed, but his pants are down and he hasn’t busted a nut yet so he does it.  He promptly gets stabbed in the back by psycho bitch.   Yeah I’m sure he knew it was coming, but in the back of his mind there was still the possibility for a rusty trombone. That’s just the way men and women are. Men like getting blowjobs, women like stabbing men in the back. It will be this way forever.  I’m sure if they both had it to do over again they wouldn’t change a thing.

PS – What is on this chick’s face?  Is that acne or birthmarks or both?