Nice face bro

Mercury News – A former custodian for the Sequoia Union High School District, Modupe Martin told her employers at Woodside High School that she was unable to walk after injuring her ankle on the job in 2009. Martin, who walked with crutches into 10 separate doctor’s visits over the course of three months, stirred suspicion in the two doctors who tended to her and they suspected she was exaggerating the extent of her injuries, Wagstaffe said. Doctors gained permission to take surveillance of Martin surrounding one of her medical visits, to ensure she was not lying to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Doctors later viewed the video footage, which shows Martin walking with crutches into the doctor’s office, and then ditching them shortly thereafter, Wagstaffe said. After the visit, Martin walked to a public park without the crutches and ran a short distance in her high-heeled shoes, before kneeling and performing oral sex on her boyfriend.

This has to be the ultimate “Gotcha” moment in the history of mankind right? Like it’s one thing to bust a person lying about workman’s comp. I’m sure that happens all the time. But to bust a ho by literally watching her sprint out of the doctors front door and go give head to her boyfriend in a public park? I can only imagine what it must have been like when the doctors rolled tape. Had to be like the control room at NASA when they successfully launch a rocket ship. High fives and congratulatory handshakes all around. Like we got her boys! Yup look at that bird suck that dick!