NYDailyNews – Valentine’s Day ended with violence for one Chicago couple after a woman allegedly bit off her boyfriend’s tongue. Rather than spending a romantic night in with the love of her life, 51-year-old Elaine Cook was instead locked up in jail accused of the vicious assault. The Chicago Tribune reports how the night went off course with an argument as the couple returned to her apartment in the northern suburb of Skokie. Cook reportedly asked her 47-year-old beau to leave. Assistant State Attorney Eve Reilly said: “He told her they should stop fighting and went to kiss her, and she bit off a large portion of his tongue.” Prosecutors say he ran to the kitchen sink where he placed his severed organ in a bag of ice, before being taken to Evanston Hospital. Doctors, however, could not reattach the slice because of “inadequate blood supply”. Cook faces a felony charge of aggravated domestic battery.


The old “fake make-up kiss and surprise bite your boyfriend’s tongue off” move. A psycho bitch classic. The thing is that obviously every chick has a little bit of crazy in her. Some more than others, but no matter what it’s there – hidden away, deep inside them, I assume somewhere around the vaginal area, just waiting to pop out. Could be some laundry on the floor, could be a toilet seat up, could be an argument on Valentines Day. Whatever happens to spark it, when it does come out you better run for the hills cause something bad is gonna happen to something important. Dudes need their tongue. Pretty integral to life from what I’ve learned. Chicks know that, so after the cock and balls it’s one of their favorite targets to munch off. Elaine Cook didn’t just want to ruin her boyfriend’s night. She wanted to ruin his life. And if that meant going to jail then so be it. Like a suicide bomber, an angry girl wants to do the most damage, even if it means taking herself out in the process. Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a crazy bitch.