DM – A teenager has ended up in jail and her boyfriend has been treated in hospital after an April Fool’s prank went wrong. Tori Wheeler, 18, jokingly told her boyfriend, Derek Bauer, that she was pregnant in Wagoner County, Arizona on Monday, Sheriff’s Maj. Gary Handley said. But on hearing the news, Bauer became angry and she pulled out a knife and threatened him – telling police this was also an April Fool’s joke. But when Bauer continued to grow angry and said he would call the police, she allegedly lost her temper, cut him across the throat and bit him twice, police said. Authorities responded to the Wagoner County residence following a complaint for assault with a deadly weapon. Bauer was taken to hospital by ambulance and needed seven stitches for the cuts to his neck. But his injuries were not considered to be life threatening and he has since been released, authorities said. Handley said deputies met Bauer at the local hospital before he was sent home.


Only a chick could pull off something like this. Only a girl could get angry at the reaction from her own practical joke and end up slitting the joke victim’s throat. Just completely unable to handle situations that they’ve created. It’s like when you’re throwing a football around at the beach and a girl tells you to throw it to her. So you do and it goes right through her hands and blasts her in the face. Has happened to me a couple times before. Now all of a sudden you look like the bad guy when in reality the girl shouldn’t have been trying to be athletic or coordinated in the first place. Same idea here. If you’re gonna pull out a knife and stab your boyfriend in the jugular when you tell him your pregnant, maybe just don’t tell him your pregnant. Know yourself, ladies. If you can’t catch a football or deal with the consequences of practical jokes, don’t try either. For our safety and your own.