SUNSTUDENT Nerina Orton has Britain’s tiniest waist after spending 23 hours a day in a corset. It measures just 15.7 inches (39.9 cms) — and she hopes to one day squeeze it down to a mere 14 inches. Nerina, 22, who is 5ft 4ins and 8st, is close to breaking the world record of 15 ins held by American Cathie Jung. She said: “Wearing a corset makes me feel so feminine and it’s a great way for a skinny girl to get some hips.”

Cathie Jung is just flat laughing at this bitch right now. Oh Nerina hopes to shave her waist down by 14 inches and break Cathie’s record? Good luck with that. Listen I may not know much, but even I know 14 inches is night and day when we’re talking tiny waist competitions. Might as well be 14 feet. Just no way this slut takes the crown from America. No chance in hell. Cathie Jung starting tailback….

PS – Somebody needs to whisper in this chick’s ear that no matter how good any part of her body looks her face is so disgusting that it will negate everything else so she might as well take off the corset and let her organs shift back into place. The world needs ditchdiggers too.