WARREN, Maine - Officials at the Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren said two inmates walked away Saturday evening and were unaccounted for. Officials said Arden Shaw, 36, and Robert Fogg, 28, were last seen at the minimum security facility at about 7 p.m. Saturday. They were both in prison for burglary and were both due to be released in 2013. Officials said Fogg has a tattoo on his neck that says “white trash.” Prison officials and police were looking for the missing men Saturday night.

Move over “Escape from Alcatraz” because this has to go down as the most daring prison break of all time. I mean the cunning and guile to just walk away like that! Diabolical!   I guess Bolduc has to rethink their entire jail honor code system now because I bet prisoners are walking out by the boatload.     And to think people used to say it was impossible to break out of Bolduc Correctional Facility.     Not anymore.