Source – An Ohio daycare worker has been charged with assault for allegedly biting a 5-year-old boy to teach him not to bite others. Court records show 56-year-old Robin Mullins of Cincinnati was arrested Thursday. Police say a visible bite mark was left on the boy’s arm in the suburban Cincinnati daycare center. Officers say the boy had been brought to the office of Andrew’s Friends Pre-School & Daycare for biting another child. A police report says Mullins bit the victim on the arm, leaving a mark, ‘to teach him a ‘lesson.’


I like this mustachioed gentleman’s eye-for-an-eye teaching mentality. You wanna bite another kid? Well then Andre the Giant here is gonna take a chunk out of your arm too. Fair is fair. It’s really what’s missing in the younger generations these days. A little tough love. A little physical harm. A few bites and whacks and slaps with your dad’s ring hand that Thanksgiving I dropped the gravy bowl. Toughens the little fuckers up. I bet this kid is gonna think twice before biting someone again. As soon as the thought crosses his mind he’ll be reminded of what it feels like to be gnawed on by a homely, unmarried, middle aged man/woman depressed with how her life turned out. If that’s not a deterrent for assaulting your peers then I don’t know what is.