PORTSMOUTH A city resident charged with hiring a prostitute in Maine was caught because he called police to complain that the woman “shorted him 10 minutes,” said Old Orchard Beach Police Sgt. Gerard Hamilton. Old Orchard Beach Police announced Pipher’s arrest on Monday, but Hamilton said the case began in the spring. The sergeant said Pipher called police on March 25 and complained that the woman he hired did “not give him his money’s worth” by cutting their time together by ten minutes. Hamilton said Old Orchard Beach detectives launched an investigation, which led to the arrests of two alleged prostitutes, also announced Monday. He said Pipher contacted the alleged prostitutes through a Web site. Pipher is named on the Web sites National Blacklist and Bad Boy Client List as someone who has prompted complaints from so-called escorts. The sites serve as databases for escorts to share information about clients. On one Web site, Pipher is described as being “notorious for booking out-calls and then not answering his door or phone.”

First of all I had no idea that Prostitutes were this advanced that they had an online database of bad clients. Sort of like a real community of artisans and shit. Second of all and more importantly I don’t think there is anything more humiliating in the world than having your name be on that blacklist. It’s just so degrading. Like whores whispering behind your back that you won’t open the door or are wicked freaky. Hey who are you to judge? You’re a fucking prostitute. Anyway before I pass judgment on this case I need to know whether this guy already fucked her. Because I always thought you get 1 hour or till you bust a nut. Whatever comes first. Isn’t that how it works? So if he hadn’t shot his load yet he has every right to call the cops. If he did than he truly is psycho because why would you want her to stick around anyway.