Source – An Oregon man attacked a gay couple with a wrench while they were walking their dog, according to police. Twenty-two-year-old George Mason, Jr., has been arrested for allegedly attacking David Beltier while he walked near a busy intersection in Hillsboro with his boyfriend, Jeremy Mark, and their standard poodle, Beauty. The couple says they were targeted because they had just dyed Beauty bright pink. ’You know, we’re just walking our dog, we’re trying to have a good time, we’re just enjoying the fact that we dyed our poodle pink,’ Beltier told KPTV, describing the moment that led up to the attack.  Suddenly, a man driving an SUV pulled up next to them and started yelling homophobic slurs while making fun of their dog.  ’He was saying, “Your poodle is a weird color and that’s just un-American” and “f*** you, you f**s” and shouting,’ Mark said.  Beltier said the man then got out of his car and hit him with his hand, then returned to the car, grabbed a wrench, and struck him in the back of the head with the tool. The man then jumped back into his car and peeled off, but not before one of many witnesses took down his license plate number.  Beltier was not seriously injured and no skin was broken during the incident, though he suffered a bump on the back of his head from where he was struck with the wrench.


I’d like to go on record as saying that any person who dyes their dog a different color deserves to be attacked with a wrench. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you take a perfectly good dog and ruin it with stupid colored paint then I’m not gonna feel bad when someone unloads their tool belt in your face. This George Mason guy is right. It’s unAmerican, plain and simple. Has nothing to do with the fact that the poodle’s owners love dick. That’s completely irrelevant. I don’t care if you suck dick, hate dick, have a dick, don’t have a dick, whatever. Paint on a puppy is a criminal act as far as I’m concerned. Animal cruelty, straight up. Sure the dog might not feel any physical pain, but it’s the emotional pain I’m worried about. The blow to the dog’s self-esteem. He looks like a pink idiot. Having to walk around like that against their will is something man’s best friend just doesn’t deserve. Canines need to be confident in their looks too.

You gays are already breaking enough rules of nature. Leave the dogs out of it.