Fox – Delaware State Police say a New Castle man was arrested for his 7th DUI offense after he claimed the accident he was involved in was the result of attempting to avoid an elephant he saw in the middle of the road. Samuel Phipps, 31, was arrested Friday night when state police say the Land Rover he was driving veered off the road into a guardrail just south of the ramp to State Route 141. Officers who responded to the accident report Phipps appeared to be impaired. State police say he admitted to smoking marijuana that was dipped in PCP prior to driving and that he was trying to avoid an elephant that he apparently saw running in the path of his vehicle.

Well what was he supposed to do, just hit the elephant? We have no deal with the elephants. Who knows if they’d get out of the way. And we all know that when you’re driving drunk and high it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not only would he have a totaled car but there’d be elephant blood on his hands. Nobody wants to live with a dead elephant on their conscious. The only play here was to swerve to avoid the elephant and if that means your 7th DUI then so be it. It’s a small price to pay to save the life of an imaginary PCP elephant.

PS – Thanks, Pinkie!