JSOnline – For more than 40 years, Gary Medrow has wielded a telephone the way a check forger wields a pen. Except instead of faking signatures for financial gain, Medrow has used the phone as a disguise to impersonate people in officialdom – from police officers to accident investigators – to indulge his favorite fetish: persuading complete strangers to carry each other around. The latest persona adopted by the 68-year-old serial impostor, according to a criminal complaint, is that of a Journal Sentinel photojournalist, calling two female high school athletes to set up photo shoots in which they would hold each other upon their shoulders. Medrow, of Greenfield, was arrested Friday and charged in Ozaukee County Circuit Court with two counts each of telephone harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident involving two Cedarburg High School girls.

Umm what the fuck Gary? People carrying other people around? Really bro? Shit’s strange on a whole different level. Like you know that your fetish sucks when it’s not even part of your arrest charges. All he got was telephone harassment and disorderly conduct. Boooriiinnnggg. Dude take some risks with your fetishes. I mean my YouJizz history is 100 times worse than two people carrying each other around yet you’re still considered the weird one. You already have the title of pervert, so you might as well use it to its full potential. You got nothing to lose. I’ve always said there’s nothing sadder than wasted talent and that includes weirdos and freaks.