FORT PIERCEA 33-year-old man looking for work in the middle of the night pulled a rusty knife when a linen service company employee told him there were no jobs. He was quoted as saying, “Nobody want to mess with me,” according to an arrest affidavit.


So did the guy get the job? He must have right? I mean who wouldn’t want a guy that “nobody wants to mess with” on payroll. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Everybody competing for those foam dollars. It’s my experience that nothing will swing the pendulum in your favor in the boardroom faster than pulling a knife. Like yeah I thought you’d see it my way. My only recommendation is that when you apply for the job you put the knife on the table from the get go. You don’t wait till they tell you there are no jobs available before you make your move. Then it kind of seems like a threat. That maybe you’re not a team player or something.