DM – A man has been arrested after he tried to force his fiancée to swallow her engagement ring because she wanted to call off their wedding, police said.  Faron Thompson, 29, was taken into custody on Sunday night and charged with battery via strangulation and child neglect. Thompson’s wife-to-be called 911 after she escaped her home in Orlando, Florida. She alleges that her fiancé attacked her while she was holding the couple’s one-year-old baby.  The woman, who has not been identified, fled to her local Walmart with her child who was wearing only a diaper, where she contact authorities over the alleged assault. The 29-year-old man also threatened to burn his fiancée’s house down, according to Click Orlando. She told police that she and Thompson had been arguing while her ring was sitting on the kitchen counter – when he held her down and tried to force the ring down her throat. She also claims that he covered her mouth and tried to stop her from breathing. Thompson, who had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for four years, defended himself, telling police: ‘Women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone.’ He is currently being held in the Orange County Jail.


Preach brotha! Chicks are always claiming assault but never want to accept any responsibility for starting the fight. They’re always leaving you and fleeing to the local Walmart after you try and make them eat the engagement ring. Always tattling on you for threatening to burn their house down when clearly they started the whole altercation. Basically getting away with crimes and pinning all the blame on dudes. When will this flawed legal system of ours be corrected so that bitchy attitudes and passive-aggressive behavior will be just as illegal as jamming rings down throats? Because right now the justice system is not fair, my friends. Not fair at all.

Three months salary on an engagement ring only to have it thrown back in his face. Faron Thompson’s heart ripped out of his chest and stomped out like a stale Pall Mall. His whole world unraveling around him. What’s he supposed to do, just sit there and let it happen? Let the woman he loves walk all over him? Nope. Fuck that. Open wide bitch. If you’re not wearing this ring, then you’re damn well gonna eat it.