WESTBOROUGH — A Hudson man who was allegedly naked when he visited the drive-through windows at two Westborough fast-food establishments was arrested at 12:43 a.m. Sunday. Westborough police charged Rosildo C. Santos, Jr., 34, of 136 Central St., with open and gross lewdness, Police Chief Alan Gordon said today in a press release. Gordon said employees at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Rte. 9 east reported that a male subject in a gray Toyota approached the drive-through window and appeared to be naked with the exception of a coat over his waist. Officer Brian Massey responded to the call and was speaking with employees in the Dunkin’ Donuts when Santos again stopped at the window, and restaurant workers told the officer this time Santos was completely naked. Massey followed the Toyota and observed Santos at the McDonald’s on Rte. 9 east as he was attempting to use the drive-through window of the business, which was closed at the time, according to the press release. The officer was able to stop Santos at the intersection of East Main Street and Flanders Road, and found the suspect completely naked, police said. Gordon said Santos posted bail and is scheduled to appear in Westborough District Court Tuesday.


Going through the drive-through naked at a Dunkin Donuts is something you just don’t do. You wanna have your cock out while you get some food to go? You take that shit over to the Taco Bell drive-through where it belongs. You DO NOT bring your exposed ballsack to a wholesome family establishment like Dunkin Donuts. That’s just sick and wrong.

PS – How about the balls on this dude (boom, punned) to go back to the same window a second time? Bro the donut bitches obviously want nothing to do with your naked ass. Take a fucking hint. I admire persistence as much as the next guy but there’s a point when it just gets embarrassing. If the presumably overweight Brazilian chick working there didn’t hop in your car and start getting sexual the first time around then what makes you think it’s gonna happen the second? Gotta learn to pick up on the signals my man.

PPS – If he had a boner does that change the charges against him? Like instead of just gross lewdness it’s gross lewdness with intent or something?