BBC – Jono Lancaster often thinks about his birth parents who gave him up for adoption. Like many 26-year-olds, Jono Lancaster has a job he loves, a beautiful girlfriend and takes pride in his appearance. But unlike most young men, Jono has Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder that affected the way his facial bones developed while he was in his mother’s womb. The condition, which is thought to affect up to one in 10,000 babies in the UK, means he has no cheekbones – so his eyes droop downwards – and he has problems with his hearing, so has a bone-anchored hearing aid.    We have just bought a house together in Normanton in West Yorkshire. We are completely in love.” Jono, who now works as a team leader with adults with autism, says he is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but wants people to be more aware of what Treacher Collins is – and how to deal with it.

Listen nobody is happier for this guy than me.  I mean it’s a raw deal when you get born with no cheekbones and shit. So I was happy to hear he had a job and a “beautiful girlfriend”. But I got to be honest.  When I first read this I kind of figured she would be “treacher collins syndrome hot” not real world hot.  Nope. He’s dating a legit smokeshow. What the fuck? How is that possible? MTV needs to sign these two up for “I can’t believe she’s dating him” ASAP. I mean yeah I know personality counts and stuff, but dude has no cheekbones.   I can’t be the only seeing that right?    It’s almost like his girlfriend dates him just to prove a point about how awesome she is for dating somebody who looks like him. Rubbing her righteousness right in our faces. I see right through that shit.