Myrtle Beach – A Texas man, who works along the Grand Strand as an Elvis impersonator, spent nearly 12 hours in jail Wednesday after being charged with assault for punching a man in the face following a dispute over the rules of a board game during a backyard birthday party, according to authorities.The victim told officers they were playing Taboo when he and Credille got into an argument about the rules of the game. The victim said Credille punched him in the nose and he fell to the ground, according to the report. The victim said he stood up and Credille punched him several more times before other people at the party separated the men. The victim declined to be treated by EMS.

See here is the thing that makes me the godfather of smut blogging. I know my limitations. Like I’m not nearly familiar enough with the rules of Taboo to speculate what happened here or assign blame. I mean if this was Monopoly I’d know the dispute focused around somebody going bankrupt at the end of the game and whether they made an unfair trade. That’s how all Monopoly games end and how all monopoly fights start.  But Taboo? Just no idea. Maybe the guy deserved to get his nose broke maybe he didn’t. Impossible for me to tell.  Either way I will say this.    This guy picked the right profession.    I could totally see him being Elvis.