Source – A Gawker writer is being slammed by critics today after comparing the East Coast cold snap to the Holocaust. Travis Okulski, senior writer for Gawker Media’s car blog Jalopnik, had been tweeting complaints about the cold weather Thursday when he compared the brutal slaughter of 6 million people to the bitter cold weather. ’I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this cold weather is far worse than the Holocaust,’ Okulski wrote on Twitter at 9:41 a.m. on Thursday. Immediately, social media sites erupted with complaints and calls for him to be fired. ‘Travis Okulski from Gawker’s Jalopnik is a racist anti-Semite and should be fired immediately,’ came one immediate response on Twitter. The web site Ethics Alarms called the Twitter post ‘cruel, disrespectful, callous, ignorant, offensive and wrong,’ and suggested Gawker Media fire the blogger and called the company ‘shameless and largely behaves as if ethics were a unicorn or the Kraken, a mythical creature only suckers and fools believe in.’


People are so fucking stupid. Do you think this dude actually meant that the cold weather is worse than the Holocaust? That he actually thought low temperatures were more horrific than the slaughter of 6 million people? Of course not. It’s called hyperbole you idiots. And just about every website and comedian on TV uses it. How people can still be blind to that shit is fucking mind boggling. Like if this dude really hated Jews he’d come out and say “I hate Jews.” He wouldn’t wrap his anti-semitism in a sarcastic quip about the fucking weather. Sensitive people really need to go screw. It’s a simple Holocaust joke guys. They happen all the time. No big whoop. Get your panties untangled for fuck’s sake.

But I do have a bone to pick with Travis Okulski. Dude only losers and chicks complain about the weather. Oh it’s so cold! I can’t believe how cold it is in January on the East Coast! Waaaaaaa! Super fucking annoying dude. One step away from posting a screenshot of your weather app so people can see the temperature. That’s the real problem here. That you took to social media to complain about winter like a bitch. Holocaust jokes are all fine and good but once you start crying about the cold like a fairy then that’s where I lose respect for you.