Florida – Miami man Emerito Pujol, 74, has been arrested for impersonating a Federal officer to try and avoid paying nearly $100 to get into Epcot. Pujol flashed a fake badge at an Epcot employee while going through the park’s turnstiles around noon Saturday. When the employee asked to see the badge again, Pujol claimed he was an undercover officer looking for someone. He tweaked his story slightly when security guards started asking questions, claiming he was ‘in service’ and ‘guarding someone important,’ according to the police report. He eventually admitted he was only pretending to be a police officer and was jut waiting for his family when a deputy demanded he produce his badge. The badge Pujol showed early declared he was an ‘honorary member’ of the ‘American Federation of Police.‘ Pujol was charged with unlawful use of a police badge, falsely impersonating an officer, and petty theft.

Hey Disney World, this is what happens when you squeeze your customers for every last penny they have. You can’t charge a ridiculous amount of money for admission, food, and souvenirs and not expect people to start impersonating federal agents so they can avoid the wallet raping at the gate. It’s just what happens. You charge an arm and a leg and people are gonna start getting crafty. It’s like when stadium security acts all offended that I tried to sneak a pint of vodka into the game. Well maybe if I didn’t have to spend next month’s rent money to drink 4 hours worth of beer than I wouldn’t have a flask in my underwear right now. Emerito Pujol was just trying to experience the wonders of Epcot while still being able to put food on the table and keep the lights on. And frankly I won’t support a theme park that doesn’t give discounts to Honorary Members of the American Federation of Police. Greedy is what it is. That anti-semite Walt Disney is probably rolling around in his grave.