NBCPHILLY – A man outspoken about trying to catch the person who slashed dozens of car tires in his neighbourhood was arrested for being the culprit. David Toledo, 44, was charged on more than 50 offences for the slashings that have frightened the Mayfair community in Philadelphia for several months. The neighbourhood activist had previously been very vocal about the need to find the person responsible for the vandalism. He told NBCPhiladelphia.com in March of those responsible for the slashings: ‘I hope the cops get them before the neighbours find out who it is because something bad is going to happen.’She went on to say: ‘He’s got better things to do in life – he’s got a life! He doesn’t go around slashing tires.’

You know that scene in Goonies when the Fratelli’s have Chunk’s hand in the blender and he’s telling his whole life story and one of the Fratelli’s finally says “You know what…I kind of like this guy.” Well that’s how I feel about David Toledo. This guy flat makes me laugh. Just running his own tire slashing espionage game right in people’s faces.  Putting himself in charge of catching the tire slash bandit and threatening to kick the shit out of him all the while he is the one doing it. Even slashing his own tires to throw people off the scent. I love it. And how about his mother? “My son has better things to do in life-he’s got a life! He doesn’t go around slashing tires!” That’s like the most guilty statement of all time.  It’s just obvious he doesn’t have better things to do and his mom knows it.