BALLSTON SPA, N.Y.A Schenectady man was sentenced Monday to six months in prison plus restitution after he was arrested for stealing a limousine carrying a bachelorette party from the Saratoga Casino and Raceway while intoxicated. Tyler Bellick, 22, was drunk when he stole the limo with about a dozen women in it then drove a short distance before crashing the vehicle. Police say he stole the limo in an attempt to avoid using the interlocking breathalyzer device that was installed in his own vehicle after a previous DWI conviction.

I believe the great philosopher Peter McNeeley said it best. If you don’t respect what this guy did stealing a limo full of chicks at a bachelorette party than you have a big dump in your pants. It’s called living bro. Plus if these chicks didn’t sneaky want to get stolen then they wouldn’t have been sitting there with the key in the ignition in the first place. They were basically begging to get kidnapped. Probably got all wet and shit.