Yahoo - Rather than spend two days in in-school suspension for allegedly letting another student copy her classwork, Taylor Santos, a well-regarded student and athlete at Springtown High School, near Fort Worth, Texas, chose to get paddled. As her mother, Anna Jorgensen, told ABC News affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas, Taylor didn’t want to miss any classes because “her grades are very important to her.” So Santos went to the vice principal’s office to request a paddling. She called her mom, who said that as long as her daughter was OK with it, so was she. According to school policy, parents who don’t want their children to subject to corporal punishment must submit a written statement each year.What neither Jorgenson nor Santos knew was that a man – the vice principal – would be doing the swatting, while a female watched. As far as Jorgensen knew, she said, school policy mandated that males spanked males and females spanked females.Because of the force with with Santos was struck, her bottom was fire-engine red and looked as if it had been “burned and blistered,” said Jorgensen, who took photos as evidence. While paddling in public schools has been outlawed by 31 states, as well as by Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, the Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that it was legal unless it has abolished by local authorities, according to the web site It is legal in 19 states; efforts to ban it in Wyoming, North Carolina, Louisiana and Texas failed. “A lot of people think it was abolished 20 years ago,” Jimmy Dunne, president of People Opposed to Paddling Students (POPS), told ABC News.

Wait is this a pussification of America story or not? Like I’m kind of confused here. I mean on the one hand kids are apparently still getting paddled in schools nowadays which is awesome.  And I respect her for actually choosing to get paddled rather than take the detention.   But then she had to go and ruin it by bitching and moaning about how she got paddled too hard and how it left a mark blah, blah, blah. Yeah no shit honey. That’s what happens when you get your ass paddled. Red as a motherfucker. Bottomline is nobody forced you to get paddled. If you don’t like it than just take the detention option. But the one thing you can’t choose to get paddled and then whine about it afterwards.   Defeats the whole damn purpose of getting paddled in the first place. If it didn’t hurt everybody would do it.

PS – How big of a squid do you have to be to be in the “People Opposed to Paddling Students” group? Grow up.