Oregon – An Oregon teen has been arrested after he posted a message on Facebook after a night of partying on New Year’s Eve, admitting that he had been driving drunk and apologizing for hitting someone’s car during his booze-fueled escapade.  Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, used the social media website to inform his friends that he had been ‘Drivin drunk … classic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P .’ One of his friends saw the post and called police on New Year’s Day, just as officers were in the midst of investigating a hit and run that had damaged two vehicles. When officers came to Cox-Brown’s home in Astoria, Oregon they discovered damage to his car that was consistent with the damage done to two cars hit earlier in the day, according to the Oregonian. Police also found pieces from the teenager’s car at the scene of the crash.  Another friend of the teen had also called police to inform them of the Facebook posting.


The first thing most people are gonna say about this story is that this kid has really shitty friends. What kind of a friend would call the cops on their buddy and get him arrested, right? Well let me tell you something. This kid deserved to be cuffed and stuffed and made an example of. Not because he was drunk driving. Not because he committed a hit and run. Not even because he was stupid enough to post about it on Facebook. Nah, this kid deserved to be thrown in a jail cell because he used two smiley faces in a Facebook post. Inexcusable. Smiley faces are for the birds. Like dude you wanna brag on social media about playing real life Mario Kart wasted on New Years Eve? Fine. But you better do it like a fucking man. Clearly his friends saw this post and were like “Fucking Jacob is using smiley face icons again. We better drop a dime on him if we ever want this to stop.” It’s for your own good kid. Better to end the problem now before it gets outta control and you start using those really complex smiley icons. Like I said, drunk driving, hit and runs, these things are just part of life. But it is simply unacceptable to use smiley faces when bragging about those things on Facebook.