WILBRAHAMA student at Minnechaug Regional High School has written a letter stating that the high school has a drug problem that it is not doing enough to address. Christopher Steil, 17, a junior at Minnechaug Regional High School, said that the “random” drug searches at the high school, which are done with police dogs, are not random. He said the faculty informs students the day before the searches, which are held in the spring and the fall, and that students see the police cars before they get to school. “Most kids with drugs on them will keep them on them rather than in the lockers or cars,” Steil said. He said the lockers and cars are routinely searched.Steil said that “on paper Minnechaug may be drug free,” but he said there is a large variety of drugs available “from marijuana, cocaine, acid and even ecstasy.”"Drugs are sold in the bathrooms, parking lot and everywhere,” Steil said. He said school officials act as though Minnechaug is a great, small-town high school with no drugs.The availability and use of drugs is “unbelievable,” he said. He said the high school administration is not doing enough to keep drugs out of the high school.

Did this kid just rewrite the squid handbook or what? I mean just Narc’ing on his entire high school like it ain’t no thing. I’m not even going to be too hard on him either because I’m sure his life is going to be pure hell moving forward from this point on.   And I don’t want to hear anybody crying about bullying either.   You don’t want to get picked on?   Don’t tattle on your entire school.

As a sidenote anybody who would Narc on their entire high school like is obviously a squid and wouldn’t know the first thing about drug use and getting laid in the first place. Probably one of those Jehovah’s witness cats we were talking about yesterday.